10 things to know about us || Are we Couple goals?

1.How did we meet? How long have we been together?

We befriended each other in junior college via Facebook. Its been 8 years and there’s no turning back. Well, if you are wondering who popped the question first , you are right.(It was Deep 🙂 ). We were definitely too young really to decide on to forever but it wasn’t like any other high school romance. We knew back then that this was meant to be. From junior to senior college and then to our masters together, we have come a long way. After dating for a while now, we got engaged in November 2019 in a very pompous ceremony.

2. Who is more Romantic?

Without a single doubt, its Deep. He never fails to impress me. His grand gestures and simplicity is what makes him more romantic. Ofcourse both of us are romantic, its just that Deep is more expressive about his emotions. I love how he randomly in the middle of nowhere calls me up just to say” I love you babe.” But i suppose each one of us have their own thoughts about romance.

3. Who gets annoyed the most?

ha ha i don’t think there’s an answer to this 🙂 . I certainly don’t want to compel myself to take my own name. But lets be frank here , well its me. I am annoyed most of the time. Definitely the grumpy cry baby that i am, But i think that’s the case with most girls na? All the guys out there, do u’ll agree? I blame Deep here for spoiling me. yes ,its all you my love :). I get very upset and annoyed when things go haywire but that’s for a brief while. Deep on the other hand is the most chilled out person ever.

4. An everyday mandatory thing for us

We cannot start out day without a good morning and end it with a goodnight kiss. cheesy? We don’t care anyway. There’s not been a single day without this ever since we’ve met. Its a very regular thing for some but it does mean a lot to us. We believe that this makes our day merrier and keeps us going 🙂 Much needed thing everyday.

5. Our Dreams

We intend to live our best life together , go for the grandest adventures and have a wonderful family. We hold a passion for traveling and would soon be going for our first travel trip overseas ( one will know soon). We are not the kind of people who would leave everything and set out to travel. We intend to include travel in our routines and also enjoy a happy family life. And yes we are still dreaming of being the best couple bloggers here 🙂

6. Celebrating special days

We do believe in celebrating some of the most important days in our lives. Its not just the birthdays and anniversaries but we do have some very important days that mark a milestone. We always celebrate these special days in the most special way. Oh yes! Deep is on a lead here too. He comes up with the best ideas and plans( I am sure he could have an alternate career as an event planner 🙂 )

7. Relationship-Our Priority

Yes, there is nothing more important that this. No matter where we are, what we are up to, we always make it a point to be there for each other. I suppose that’s the secret mantra of a healthy long lasting relationship. Our world revolves around each other and there is nothing we do without a nod from both the parties.( Well, I am allowed to be bossy though). But there’s nothing you can do about it. Sorry Deepu 🙂

8. How do we keep ourselves entertained? Do we have any dull days?

We’re both fun loving people and keep bursting into random laughter without an appropriate reason( crazy?). We are weird, we are crazy and that’s about it. I think that’s enough to keep ourselves entertained. Singing in the bathrooms, dancing in front of the mirror is our thing!! Have u ever tried singing as loud as you can while driving? Trust me , that can work wonders. There’s a gigantic singer that resides in us and it is this singer that keeps us entertained. Well, not dull but there are super tiring days and our survival strategy is super easy ( get on video call and life’s sorted 🙂 )

9. Our little world of fantasies

We literally live in a dream world ( we call it our fairyland) , where we dream and talk of the most hypothetical things one could ever imagine. I don’t want to get into details but its just a regular Deep and Sinal thing :). Deep indulging into these discussions with me is the cutest thing ever.

10. Trust and Loyalty

I don’t think i need to talk more on this. But yes these are the two pillars of any relationship and we abide by them. There’s nothing we don’t know about each other , there’s nothing to hide. That’s our little happy life:)

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