100 Pani Puri Challenge || *Losing Horribly* || Fun Little things

Pani puri gets all our mouth’s drooling , isnt? It is by far the best street snack ever. While most of us call it pani puri , there are other name versions of it like gol gappay , Puchka, Gup-shup or the water pancake in English( I am sure most of you din’t know that 🙂 ) While all of us having been missing street food especially pani puri due to the ongoing lockdown , we thought of doing a fun challenge at the comfort of our home. So the challenge was eating as many as 50 pani puris each in a time frame of 7 minutes.

We enjoyed this challenge to bits as much as we loved making this fun video. Its always fun to try and keep ourselves entertained with our loved ones. We recommend all our readers to try this challenge and let us know about your experiences in the comment section below. Also watch this video to find out who amongst us won the challenge 🙂

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