“A slice of pie without cheese is like a kiss without a squeeze”. We truly believe that people who love to eat are the best people. We have been to several fine dining places together. This one was of our special dinner date. The food here was definitely love at first bite. Usually i am the one who orders the food as i love reading the menu and all the ingredients that go into the making. I am not just a foodie, i love cooking as well.

This place is definitely recommended for all cocktail lovers and also recommended for its delicacies. We had ordered for a vodka infused watermelon cocktail that was literally served in a watermelon. We loved the creativity of the bartender and also loved the cocktail. Deep had ordered a gin infused cranberry thyme cocktail. This one was definitely something we hadn’t tried before. Whenever we visit any dine out place the first thing we always look for is the presentation and taste. This one definitely was worth trying.

Some of the other things that we loved here at this place were jerk chicken and chicken mezze platter that had some amazing salads and sauces. We usually order the chef’s recommendations from any restaurant. Sometimes, it can get tedious to order food as one isn’t aware of the flavours. We are open to any cuisine although both of us do have individual preferences. Both these dishes were definitely a thumbs up.


1)This place has amazing vibes. It is definitely recommended for a birthday treat or a dinner date.

2)They also have guest DJ on special ocassions. One needs to do have a prior booking on special ocassions.

3)One should try out their signature cocktails( the one’s above).They also amazing veg and non-veg options.

4) Food isn’t about eating, its about the experience. Keep eating and enjoy binging 🙂

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