212- All Day Cafe & Bar

We had gone out shopping around in the city, when we found out of this drop in cafe restaurant. We hadn’t expected some over the top food here. It was just like any other cafe- comfortable ,cozy and soothing. It was when we were surfing the menu, we came across some amazing dishes that we hadn’t really tried on before. We thought of ordering a chocolate shake and watermelon mocktail and we requested the head chef to get us two of his best dishes(Literally even without reading the menu and going through the dishes). However, we thought of giving it a shot.

We were literally surprised of what this amazing little cafe restaurant had to offer.The mocktails were so refreshing and fresh. What was really surprising were these two chef’s special dishes that he had specially made for us. We immediately connected over our love for food and he briefed us about the food he made for us. There was a special sea food pizza topped with some squids and shrimps. The other dish was grilled chicken in secret mushroom sauce and stir fried veggies. It was a fun day and were glad to have found this amazing dine out place. Lastly, we truly agree with what the chef had to say”A recipe has no soul. As a cook one must bring soul to your food”.

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