Aftermath of COVID-19 crisis : Reorienting our lives.

The coronavirus pandemic has infiltrated every aspect of our lives. All of us have been caught in a very absurd situation of wiping down and sanitizing every good. Wearing masks, hand-sanitizers and social distancing they say is the new normal. While personal hygiene remains the paramount, human to human contact is how the virus  spreads. Have you wondered how this miniscule tiny little creature has altered the globe? All the repurcussions that have been associated with it and how this tiny monster has made us take a break off and rethink over what we felt we knew but we never did.

The sars-cov2 virus definitely does not discriminate. It has claimed the lives of many across the globe. While for people with poor hygiene and low income the struggle amid lockdown is real, for some who are working at the comfort of their homes have been trying to reach out to many in all ways and means. For, we are all in this together. With global economy declining and recession taking a toll, the current crisis has pushed millions out of their jobs. While all of us have slowed down, its time to reflect and focus on the things we have been taking for granted. It’s the time to ponder upon all the things around us and to be eternally grateful to all the frontliners in this pandemic.

All of us have adapted to the current scenario and have been trying to be productive while we sit back home and sip some coffee. For us, as influencers it has definitely been a juggle of things. While trying to be at work in our respective fields yet being creative on social media. We have all realised the value of all the little things that matter the most in our life. Merely, spending time with our family has never been so fascinating. Cooking different meals, reading our favourite books , learning makeup tutorials and improving photography skills has been on the repeat mode. Yes, for us the time has been a lot more productive.

However, the virus continues to rise to power in some areas causing a state of emergency and worsening the crisis situation. The underprivideged community still remains at the stake of it. Our health care system has been working round the clock to combat and regularize things. It is the need of the hour to do our tiny bit by donating in whatever means and ways we can. A kind gesture can reach a wound that only compassion can heal.

What is it about the current pandemic that has given you life lessons? Has it tried to heal your wounds? Has it tried to make one realize the need to slow down and be grateful? Has it made your life productive in any way? Have we all realised the things that matter in the end and how unimportant some worldly pleasures can be. Yes its time to reinvent our life and reorient it in the right direction. Lets all pledge to fight back by staying indoors and doing our tiny bit.

#staysafe  #Reorient

Light and positivity always,


Deep and Sinal.

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