Arthur’s Theme

Arthur’s theme restaurant is one of the finest restaurant in the heart of Pune. How could we miss this one? After a long day of work , we were all set for this wonderful dining experience. We had heard of this one several times. We hadn’t expected it to be crowded as it was a week day, however, we learnt that the place is always overbooked. We could already sense the vibe of this restaurant. It had visitors coming from near and far places. We had to wait in the queue to find a table for ourselves. It was a perfect blend of modern and heritage architecture. They had some of the finest wines on the menu. We ordered for some rose wine and martini. Apart for our love for cocktails, we are extremely fond of good old wines.

We also relished some of their best dishes. After a long day , this was something we really needed. This restaurant is a must try if you are in Pune. It has maintained its legacy over the years. This is a perfect dine out place for couples seeking a royal dinner date. Also one gets to relish some of their best dishes from their elaborate menu. The staff is welcoming and hospitable . One can also ask for some of their best dishes.

This was a very beautiful experience and we made sure we had the best time together. Nothing better than some good food, great wine and your soulmate. A good life is a collection of all such happy moments.

To be happy is all the matters 🙂

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