Cafe Peterdonuts

If you wish to move away from the hustle-bustle of the city and enjoy some chill vibes with good food , this place is a must visit. It has been our favorite cafe ever since we found this place. It has a simplistic charm that attracts a lot of people to explore their amazing food options. It offers a variety of scrumptious American and Italian delicacies. We are no coffee snob but we do like a good latte and cappuccino . We ‘d visit this cafe on a lazy Sunday afternoon or sometimes in the evening after a long hectic day. We absolutely love Italian food and the pasta served here is totally outstanding. We’d find this place very soothing and would visit here very often when we were in Pune. We would love how this place would give us time to connect and talk peacefully over we things we believe.

This cafe is not just about the beverages they serve but they also some mouth watering food and desserts. We tried their grilled chicken pasta and some of their best pizza’s and burgers. They also had a wonderful dessert-the Korean Bingsu(We call it the snow dessert). It had ice flakes topped on some house crafted ice cream and fresh fruits. One thing that we really like about this place is their perfection and detailing in every food item. We love how they serve their food to perfection. We also loved some of their freshly made mocktails.

Cafe’s are the best places for some blissful conversations with your loved ones. We always love spending time exploring hidden cafe’s like these. They are certainly the best spots for a quick hangout. One never knows what a little cafe has to offer , unless you explore one. Those cozy corners, smoothing ambience, a good latte and some chippies is definitely our thing. We suggest you to explore cafe’s in your localities and when in pune make sure to drop into this one. I am sure you ‘ll love the experience 🙂 Keep eating and enjoy binging 🙂

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