Chingari @Sheraton grand- Candlelight poolside Dining

What better than a romantic dinner date? We all love them, isn’t? And nothing better than a romantic birthday evening. Our version of a perfect birthday has always been a quiet romantic dinner. This one was super special as it was Deep’s birthday. After having a super special day the city and celebrating with some of our best friends in town we planned a romantic dinner date in the evening. Although the fact that we do believe that fancy restaurants are not always the ultimate destinations for a a perfect date. However, Chingari at Sheraton grand Hotel in Pune is one the finest dine out areas in for anyone looking for a royal dinner date experience. And we were super excited and happy to explore this wonderful place.

We were fascinated to see the ambience of this lovely pace. Ahh! what a sight that was! A seating by the pool with amazing candle lights plus good food :). There couldn’t be anything better than this. As romantic as it appeared , the food was equally luscious. This place is a heaven of authentic Indian delicacies. We tried some of their cocktails and Tandoor dishes. And when life gives you hot gulab jamun and rabri 🙂 It was a perfect birthday evening for sure.

Indeed the pleasure which we rarely experience gives the most happiness. This was one of them. It was a wonderful birthday evening and certainly the most romantic one! 🙂

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