Coco Sushi Bar

Pune city is known for its best night life. It has some excellent pubs and dine out options depending on one’s preferences. we were nearing holi weekend and were planning a holi party event when we came across neon holi party at Coco sushi bar. It sounded exciting and fun. Most of us have seen such parties in movies or events. We were very excited to witness our very first neon holi party. It was also our first time visiting this place. We got a pre booking done for ourselves. We were informed to wear bright white clothes. They had a amazing guest DJ mix for the event. The crowd also seemed very friendly and lively.

Before the party began we ordered some cocktails and food. The LIIT cocktail was definitely worth trying. It was a perfect combination of 5 different alcohol mixes with a hint of cranberry juice. We had a fun time playing neon paint holi. They had also organized for some neon radium props to add to the fun. We made some amazing friends here and danced our heart out. It was surely a day to remember. Something we hadn’t experienced before. The DJ played all favorite mixes and we danced like there’s no tomorrow. They surely had the best decor and lights for the evening.

Our hearts were filled with joy as we kept talking about our experience on our way back home. It was definitely a fun filled day with so many amazing memories. We dint realize we were making memories, we just knew we had so much fun.

The best gifts in the world are not in the materialistic things we buy from stores , but in the memories we make with the people we love 🙂 Stay happy and live in every experience 🙂

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