Della Adventure Resort Lonavala || Best Birthday getaway

How about an adventure on your birthday? Sounds fun? For an adventure lover like Deep such an experience on his birthday was so much fun and exciting. With all the adrenaline rushing in our bodies, it was a very exciting day with enthralling activities. I fall into the category of not so adventure loving people, while Deep on the other side is very adventurous. Whether its bungee jumping off a bridge or a free fall or riding a dirt bike , he loves it all. I , on the other hand is someone who is unwilling to lose onto an opportunity and that makes adventure my new best friend( though my heart skips a beat i still love giving it a shot). And i suppose that’s exactly what an adventure is all about. It is stepping out of your comfort zone and opening yourself to the beauty of experiences that life gives you. Whether its eating some strange fillipino food or trekking to an unexplored place or trying on some new adventure activity, a single lifetime has so much to offer and we as humans have a world to explore. I truly believe in what they say ” Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all”.

While we were planning a getaway for Deep’s birthday , i asked him if he would want an adventurous birthday and within no time his face glowed like a new penny. He was extremely excited and we quickly made plans for his birthday. We set out to Della adventures at Lonavala. It is one of the best adventure parks in India with more than 50+ activities. We started off by cutting his birthday cake near an isolated hilltop spot at Lonavala and then spending some good quality time at Rajmachi garden. We kept discussing about our adventure activities while we got some fresh air at the hilltop point near Rajmachi garden before we left for Della Adventure park.

Situated amidst a beautiful mountain range and breadth taking natural scenes , this place is definitely a perfect getaway for an adventurous yet relaxing weekend. We were mesmerized and excited to see people going crazy trying these thrilling activities. Our first one was the scariest and most electrifying adventure activity-The della Swoop. This swoop swing from a height is definitely a must try. It was a couple adventure activity and we enjoyed it to bits. We could feel all that adrenaline rush! Here’s a little go pro video shot of our adventure:

Next was the zipline activity.This is one of the tallest zipline in India. It was an amazing experience. We also tried out some other activities like horse hiding, tricycle ride, dirt bike ride.etc. Our most favourite one was the dog walk. There were some well trained dog breeds from around the world and the best part was one could choose a dog and go for short walk in the garden. As exciting as it sounds , it was an equally amazing experience. Another one we loved was milking a jersey cow. Well, this was surely the best experience than all others. Out of our busy schedules and hectic days we often do not find the time to get close to nature and enjoy some simplistic moments in life. Della adventure gives you an opportunity to explore so many different things and one is bound to find peace and happiness here. This much needed us-time was super fun and chilling.

When it comes to biking activities, Deep is a pro. I am sure he had some crazy fun time dirt biking and on the ATV ride. There were lots of other indoor activities like air hockey, chess, table tennis.etc. We also had super fun time on the bull ride. I am sure for Deep who is so in love with adventures, this must have been the best birthday ever. Not just adventures Della also houses some best restaurants that serve scrumptious meals. We visited cafe24 for a quick birthday lunch.

It was memorable birthday getaway, just the way we had imagined. What better than spending an adventure filled birthday with your favorite person. And although the inner soul in us was still figuring out the next adventure activity, it was time to rush back home. We didn’t realize how the day ended so quick. However, we were heading back with memories for a lifetime. It is travel getaways like this that really makes our life so fulfilling and complete. We were glad that we had made the most of this day and vowed to visit this place again 🙂

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