Our Engagement Day || A Day to remember

Our joy knew no bounds when our engagement date was decided. We had been waiting for this day since ages. We had dreamt of it every single day. Just the mere thought of it would give us goosebumps. For someone who has known us over the years and have witnessed our journey could understand how much this day meant to us. It was a brand new beginning, the start of a new journey with moments to cherish and treassure forever. Love is a mystery, the most profound mystery of one’s existence. One has no idea of how it happens , despite what the psychologists or astrologers or neuroscientists tell us , about the compatible sun signs or resemblances to someone from our families or oxytocin, serotonin and adrenaline hormones that run riot when we fall in love.

Despite the fact that we knew each other for ages and have been together, for us, our engagement day was definately like a milestone that had to be accomplished. We had a brief meeting of our families(even more excited than we were)to decide an appropriate date. Finally 23/11/2019 was decided as our engagement day.

Our immediate thoughts were regarding the choice of outfits for our big day. I am sure each one of us goes through this process. For some, this might involve shopping for outfits and it also might seem quite a boring process. However, for us this was a very exciting process. The first thing that crossed our mind was to design these elaborate and over the top outfits that we had always dreamt of wearing someday. Another thing about us that mind sound a little cheesy is that both of us design each others outfits. We always choose to wear each other’s choice of outfits. When we had made our mind about the outfits ,the next process was to find a designer who could translate this art into reality. We immediately got in touch with the designer at Casamento designer studio, Vasai west. We found her extremely professional and very knowlegeable. She suggested the fabric needed and also accompanied us to one of the best fabric market in khar ,Mumbai. Our outfits were made in stepwise manner that involved three trials and one final pickup. Here’s some pictures from our outfit making process:

The next important process of getting decked up was the bridal and groom makeover. We had our indiviual makeup artists who did an amazing job for us. I wanted to go a little bold and heavy with my makeover. I believe a little drama never goes out of style. It makes u confident and brightens up your day. I always love experimenting with my style whether its boho or bold. I love both. However i wanted to look very glam and super sparkling on my big day. And why not? It was definately worth it. Deep is a very sharp and clean dresser. His clean and sharp look is what makes him look dapper. Here’s some pictures from our getting ready shots.

Finally it was time to witness the most awaited moment of our lives. We had a wonderful decor customized by Deep. He is extremely good at his creative ideas and management skills. He had organized an amazing fireworks walkway leading to the stage. The entire engagement setup was straight out of a fairytale. After ring ceremony and champagne toast we had a very romantic ball dance. We couldnt believe all of this was happening to us. Love is the only word to describe what we’ve been through together. I truely believe life is a fairytale. But to see it , you must open your eyes. I also said this in my engagement speech of how our positive attitude towards life makes a whole world of difference. We had a bag of mixed emotions running down our mind while we exchanged our promise rings. It was also a visual treat to watch our families dance like there’s no tomorrow and celebrate our day.

There was also a surprise video song sung by the both of us that was videographed at several locations in Mumbai. This was shot by our photographer friend from we and weddings, pune. Our efforts to make this day the most memorable one had bore fruits. We had the best time together and also had a sense of pride that was clearly visible in our eyes. We were proud of where we had landed and we are sure we must have given courtship goals to many.

Some best pictures of our precious moments:

Here are some cinematic highlights of our engagement function:

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