Farzi Cafe

All the beautiful words eluded me as i was describing this wonderful day and this restaurant. It was definitely a special day. We had gone out to this restaurant to celebrate women’s day. This one did make our date very very special. This place had very friendly yet very romantic vibes. A breathtakingly beautiful place ,a must visit for everyone . Perfect lighting with decent interiors. The ambience here is really very soothing. We did really have a great time 🙂

We tried some of their new innovative cocktails and some of their chef’s recommendations from their multi-cuisine menu. The serene atmosphere, coupled with cordial service, soulful music, good food and good booze is just what we needed. We tried one of their best cocktail-the fuming cocktail. There was another one called chai pani(literally served in kettle and a teacup). We tried on some of their best dishes- mexican sandwhich, ceaser salad and some indian chiken tikka masala. The food was exceptionally good.

This day was so much fun and we had the best time 🙂 . We always love experimenting with our food choices. However, we keep ourselves open to a wide range of options. Not limiting yourself is only way to enjoy your life to the fullest. This holds true for all the experiences and opportunities that we grab on in life. Its the little things that matter. Make your loved one’s feel special, in whatever ways and means u can. Afterall, its all about the love and the life experiences that will last forever. We truly believe in making each day count. This isn’t just about special occasions like these, but every single day, as long as we live , we’ve pledged to spend it in the most special way 🙂 Love and positivity always 🙂

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