The FishBowl – Hyatt

Hyatt group of hotels are known for their luxury experiences. It has some magnificent culinary experience to offer. We experienced this one at The Fishbowl, Hyatt, Pune. The contemporary ambience and ultra modern and romantic decorations added to the sophisticated charm of this place. The luxurious interiors and open air rooftop ambience was mesmerizing. We were lucky enough to get a table in the luxury private area. Those dim lights, flashes of candle lights, amazing food and just the two of us felt straight of out of a fairy tale experience. One thing that we really like about luxury dining is the most unusual experience that one doesn’t get to experience at any other place.

We started off with some fine champagne followed by Mexican nachos and chicken Afghani tandoori. Not very fancy dishes however cooked to absolute perfection. The flavors were mouth watering. We also got some LIIT cocktail that was a perfect blend of five different alcohol mixes. It was absolutely amazing to see a twist and fun in every dish we ordered. There was also a soulful music in the background ( truly a perfect romantic date). We enjoyed every moment here and had the best time of our lives not realizing how the time went by. It was absolutely amazing.

We definitely recommend this place to make your loved ones feel special like never before. Enjoy life and always remember to keep hustling for your dreams 🙂

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