Hakkasan – Luxury Dining experience

Hakkasan – A restaurant in Mumbai that has gained fame for its lip-smacking Cantonese delicacies. Dining here is not just a regular dine out its an experience , a chance to experience the best curated and finely made delicacies. This place is very popular in Mumbai, especially for the celebrities. We had made our way to this lovely restaurant to celebrate valentines 2019. For us, valentines has always been very special, spending some good time together and indulging into some of our favorite things( fine dining). This restaurant requires a pre booking , especially on special occasions. This place had an ultra romantic ambience. It is quite dark and only the lights above each table will help you find way and that is something that enhances the food being served on the table.

.At the first glance , we could only agree on the elegance promise when we looked at our first starter-The dim sum platter. These included lobster dumplings and some chicken dumplings topped with caviar( luxury mix of flavors, truly). Every bite of it was delicious and unfortunately(despite our will to make the pleasure last) the platter was over so quickly! Our second dish was chicken schezwan peppercorn. It was cooked to perfection and had this beautiful mix of Cantonese flavors. We also ordered a special fried rice with fish sauce. It was divine.

We ordered for some of the best cocktails based on the chef’s recommendations. No wonder that even these looked like fine pieces of art. They were extremely refreshing and very uniquely blended. We also ordered for their finest champagne to celebrate this special day. We’ve never experienced a luxury dining experience like this before!

The dessert was a huge chocolate ball with some secret stuff inside(as were told). We poured some hot chocolate sauce to dig in whats inside. Well, much to our surprise there was a delicious brownie with their fine crafted ice cream and some berries. It was heavenly. By this time we were completely full and under the spell of Hakkasan cuisine. This was a memorable experience for us and we will definitely make it again to explore some of their other specialties.

We really recommend this restaurant for the ones who like Asian-fine cuisine. A good life is a collection of all such happy memories and experiences 🙂

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