Lovestruck then, now and forever || 8 years of togetherness||

” Time flies” , they say . Well, it certainly does. Our first glance , first meet , first text, first call , first kiss made the miracle of our love to be born. It all feels like yesterday. From strangers to best friends and to people madly in love with each other , we have come a long way. It is such a surreal feeling to witness this moment. We certainly don’t have it all together and we also haven’t figured out all the secrets of life , yet there’s one thing we can say with great pride – its been a beautiful journey and with each passing day , our love has only grown stronger.

All those hurdles and admist all that negativity around , the one thing that we have learnt is that ‘ ignorance is bliss’. Stepping on the hurdles has only made us stronger than before. With all that laughter , moments of joy, emotional cries , ugly fights our journey has definitely been a memorable one. We are glad that our paths crossed in life and also eternally grateful to share our lives together.

On this happy note we planned to create a little something for us . This video highlights our journey together and all those happy moments that we have been through. It was such a fun time shooting this one as it was much of deal due to the current lockdown situation. But we are sure this would definitely bring a smile on your face. Well , it does make us shed half a tear everytime we watch it .

Making each day count.


Deep & Sinal.

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