Mumbai Photoshoot- Pre Engagement Shoot Ideas

Although we had done a couple of shoots before, this one was super special for us. It was definately a planned one. A lot of couple these days indulge in couple photoshoots, however we had some unique ideas for our shoot. For us, this wasn’t just a regular photoshoot. We were heading towards our engagement day and we couldnt have been more happier. We decided to make a pre engagement video shoot and record a song that would be picturized. Both of us are non-singers, although i have learnt some classical music, we decided to give it a try. The next couple of days were spent practicing and recording the song. This was one of Deeps’s favourite song ‘Wada raha sanam’ from the famous bollywood movie Khiladi. It wasn’t as difficult as we had thought of. After recording the song, we had our photoshoot scheduled in and around Mumbai, all those places that we used to frequently visit back then during our dating years. We always love putting a special element in everything that we do together as a couple whether its trying on a new recipe or choice of outfits or travelling. We were super proud of how our song had turned out and we decided to display it on our engagement day. Well , not everyone thinks of doing things differently , but for us its all about the memories we make and the moments we enjoy that makes our life complete. I love how Deep keeps whispering in my ears saying ” Lets make some happy memories together , just you and I ” The single most extra ordinary thing we have done in our lives is falling in love with each other.

Our first location for this shoot was the gateway of India . It has picturesque view and is beautiful in every way. However one needs to go early in the morning to get the perfect shots. Also, there are less visitors in the morning as compared to late hours of the day. Our outfits were a beautiful red gown and a white shirt with red suspenders. One can get really conscious while shooting here as there are always visitors gathering near the shoot area(But. we clearly dint mind:). This shoot was real fun and below are some pictures from the gateway location.

We headed to the asiatic library in mumbai for our next shoot, We choose to keep our outfits same as there wasn’t any change area near this place. Something special about this place is the amazing architecture and pillars in white. Here are some pictures below:

Next location for the shoot was Bandstand at Bandra. This location has lot of spots for a photoshoot. We got some of our best pictures along the side facing Bandra worli sealink. Here are the pictures:

Finally, we headed to one of the beaches at vasai for our sunset photography. It was definately a tiring day moving around places in Mumbai, but we knew it all going to be worth it. All these locations in Mumbai have been our favourites. We used to spend a lot of our free time at these places gossiping for hours together and discussing all our future plans ahead. A photoshoot like this has always been on our bucket list. We were glad that we were able to make it to all these places in a day. Some of the sunset pictures below:

Below is our video song that was picturized at several locations in Mumbai. We loved they way it turned out and hope you guys enjoy it 🙂

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