O22 Trident BKC

Valentines day is such a special occasion for any couple and so it is for us 🙂 We literally wait for this day to arrive every year( well not literally , for us each passing day is a day of love). As always , we wanted to make this one special, spending in the most exquisite way. We planned a dinner date at O22 Bar Lounge at trident Hotel, BKC. The ambience here is extremely wonderful with excellent and courteous staff. They had a valentines day theme for the day and some of the finely crafted dishes on the menu. O22 is definitely the right place for the ones seeking a luxury dining experience with their loved ones. They had organized for some live music band playing some soulful romantic songs.

There was a special buffet menu that comprised of some of the best dishes from cuisines all around the world. These included some Japanese delicacies, chinese dumplings and some of the best salads. However, our most favorite was the dessert section that comprised of delightfully rich desserts. These were not just a visual treat but also reasonably satisfying to the tummy 🙂 We also relished their best cocktails . It was a very royal experience and the staff was extremely welcoming.

This dinner date definitely made our valentines day very special. For us its not just about a valentines day but every day that we spend in each other’s company is super special. Its not about these luxury dinner dates or fine dine-outs , its about making your loved ones feel the love. Make them happy and never forget to enjoy the little moments that life gives us. Celebrate in whatever ways and means you can, for its the small little things and memories that count and nothing else can replace that 🙂 Enjoy life and spread the love 🙂

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