Apart from dinner dates , something that we are really fond of are those loud nights. This is a part of one’s social life. Pune has this amazing night life and a stretch of local night clubs that one could drop in during the weekends. We generally prefer to make a visit to the one’s offering the best DJ mix and some over the top cocktails. A good dance floor would definitely be the cherry on the cake. Orion night club has this amazing dance floor and ambience that one could fall in love with. Although this is recommended for a weekend , one could drop in for a dinner date. The play of the light in its every nook and corner intrigued us to hit the dance floor and have the best night.

It is a fun place that also serves toothsome delicacies and cocktails. We tried on some of their signature versions of cocktails and some of the chef’s recommended dishes. Both of us have an eternal love for Italian delicacies and the Risotto was just lip-smacking. We also tried on some Bangkok chicken that was served in a deep fried potato basket. They also had an elaborate indian food menu for all those desi food lovers.

Its funny how we decide on the dessert even before we order our food. The first thing that Deep generally looks for at any restaurant is Dessert. And i truly believe that fact that ‘ a man without love for dessert is not worth trusted’ 🙂 We tried their signature dessert ,the shahi tukda. We relished every bite of it and it was worth the try.

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