Pandora Gastronomy

Who doesn’t love wine and dine? Oh! We love them so much. Whether its a surprise dinner date or a unplanned dine out , we enjoy every experience. We always look around for the best dine out options around. Back in Pune, we enjoyed some best dine out places. Pandora gastronomy was one of them. Situated in the heart of Pune, this place is a delight for all the foodies. The ambience was beautiful, something that would make your date very special. The architecture is modern and chic.

We ordered their best crafted cocktail. It had a subtle flavour of edelweiss flower and was served with smoky dry ice. We loved their serving and the taste. We also ordered a glass of red and white wine each. Any meal is incomplete without a glass of some good old wine. We also tried their best dishes that included chicken tart and delicious butter chicken naan. It was heavenly. There was also some chicken kafta for starter. We loved how they played around with the flavors.

No meal is complete without a dessert. And for all the health conscious people who don’t eat dessert, all we have to say is dessert just makes everything so better 🙂 We ordered their chocolate ball dessert (the magical dessert) which when melted with some hot chocolate sauce had so much surprise to offer. With delicious brownie and nuts inside, it was so good.

We had so much fun here. Whether its a dinner date or a nightout party or just a long drive to have some street side pav bhaji at, we love it all. Never miss out on all these experiences in life for it is these memories that will be cherished for ever 🙂 Enjoy your life and Keep making memories.

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