Pasha @ JW Marriot

Are you someone who also believes in preserving the best for the last? Well , we certainly do. This was the last day of our college life in Pune. All those wonderful years, all those moments of fun, laughter and enjoyment were nearing end. Ofcourse it wasn’t the end of our happy life but the beginning of something beautiful and the end of something even more wonderful. We had planned to celebrate this day at Pasha lounge at JW Marriot Hotel in Pune.

Do i need to talk more about Marriot group of Hotels? We have all heard of the luxury experiences they offer and some of the best culinary kitchens they have. Pasha being the roof top restaurant at JW Marriot in pune, it is the most luxurious dine out option. With some fresh air and soulful music this place is a vibe in itself. And lets do the food talking now. Well , not just the taste of food here but the way they serve each delicacy is worth the experience. We tried their version of signature Vodka based cocktails and few starters(Honestly, they were so good that i don’t even know what they actually were, lol).

We had an amazing night to ourselves. Embracing this city and its vibes , we kept talking about how our college years went by so quickly and how we had created the most memorable experiences, that we would be taking back home. Life is all about exploring and embracing the experiences that it offers and making the best choices ofcourse 🙂

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